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Special Education Student. A student that has a disability and receives additional services from a special education teacher is a special education student. This student is on an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and will receive services along with individual goals and accommodations.

In tripura there are 7 to 8govt/non govt. Institutions are there for Specially abled children.  Education system there is traditional with lots Of lacings. ICT based teaching is very essential. With this purpose Workshop and  short teaching using ICT are  worked out by the present Researcher.  


 Computers have revolutionised life for disabled people.   They are used by:

•             Severely disabled people to communicate;

•             Dyslexic people;

•             The blind and visually impaired;

•             Those with learning difficulties.

  The hardware may be standard hardware, or it may be modified to the specific needs of the disabled person.   The device shown below is called a head mouse.  The disabled person can move their head, and the mouse will behave on the screen just like a normal mouse that we move with our hand.

Self employed disabled people have been able to take careers in:

•             Web designers

•             Photography

•             Free lance writers

•             Ceramics, trade crafts

Employment opportunities have been made available through ICT as:

•             Teachers, at the Internet college

•             ICT technicians

•             Call centre operators

•             Factory worker, storekeeper, shop assistant, trainee.

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