Major Objectives:

  1. Educational development through ICT.(All subjects within the State)
  2. Creating awareness about ICT and uses of NROER.
  3. Familiarizing ICT Courses launched by NCERT.
  4. Research based course development.
  5. Course modules for Teachers and Students.
  6. Creating Digital Books relevant PPT and animation.
  7. Translation into local languages, Bangla and Kokbarak.
  8.  To increase engagement of students in the English, social studies, and science classroom through use of laptops.
  9. To provide opportunities for staff to attend workshops on integrating technology into the content areas.
  10.  Teachers will survey parents, teachers, and administration about laptop
    integration and its effectiveness.
  11. To increase teaching effectiveness using technology in the classroom.
  12. Collaborative work and shareing:

Mr. Uday Pal, PGT along with Dr. Swapan Debnath, PGT prepareing course module, Teachers’ Training Modules through ICT, Creating e-Content, Evaluating e-Content for students in Bangla, English and Kokbarak.

Team Members : Mr. Uday Pal(PGT),Dr. Swapan Debnath(PGT).


The Research ICT  Network conducts research on ICT policy and regulation that facilitates evidence-based and informed policy making for improved access, use and application of ICT for social development and economic growth.

Mission :

 Information Communication Technology (ICT) is often perceived as a useful strategy to transform education systems and a means by which students can develop basic competencies and skills needed for a knowledge economy.

The main focus of this new course was on how a country’s education system and policy can be enriched through the applications of ICT. The course was organized to help policymakers to address the imperative that traditional, formal  education systems are facing by raising awareness and understanding about essential elements of an effective application of ICT.

The course reviewed ICT in relation to education policy, relevant strategies, and best practice. The exchange of first-hand experience of ICT use in education policy and its implementation would help policymakers grasp a systematic view in strengthening the competitiveness of their education systems by applying ICT more effectively.

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